Rick Fisher

Ghost Hunter and Paranormal Investigator

Rick Fisher has had an interest in the paranormal since an early age when he saw what he believes to have been a ghost. Since then Rick has spent much of his life in search of answers into the unknown. Rick’s journey has taken him to interesting places and has given him the opportunity to meet interesting people. In1997 he founded the Pennsylvania Ghost Hunters Society which is now the Paranormal Society of Pennsylvania and investigates reported hauntings, strange creatures, UFO’s, mysterious places, and unexplained phenomena…

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Our museum contains a vast collection of paranormal artifacts and exhibits on the history of the supernatural, spiritualism & ghost research, as well as extraterrestrial presence claims. Discover the strange stories behind many reported sightings of UFOs, Bigfoot, and other creatures.


The presence of the paranormal is being witnessed every day, yet often unreported. Disbelief being the main cause of this behavior. If you feel you have witnessed the paranormal, we’d love to have you over for a cup of coffee or tea. And if you allows to, we’d gladly look into it for you.


We have been credited with many works for many writers and researchers around the country. We have also lectured at several institutions and colleges. Contact us to schedule you in our next lecture, either hosted by us, or by an invited guest. And…we welcome the skeptic!

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“You can search as much as you want, but I guarantee you, it will be nearly impossible to find another place with such a large collection. The National Museum of Mysteries is really the place you want to visit if you are looking for real knowledge in the paranormal matters. Nothing staged or propped about this place. Amazing!”
“Walking around this place and reading made me realize the unknown may not be the nonexistent. I’ve always been very skeptical but this place has some really interesting stuff.”
Stuart, Self-Employed
“I am a student of the paranormal and this place is always a fountain of information fro all my research papers and support evidence. And the curator is extremely knowledgeable.”
Mary Lane, Student